24 Apr 2020

Virtual Excursions

As COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, many family holidays, day trips and child care excursions have had to be postponed. Thanks to innovative organisations and creative technology, some of these are now possible from the comfort and safety of your home! 

Check back regularly as we update this list with more fun places to visit (virtually!)

Get artsy with QAGOMA  

The QAGOMA’s Children’s Art Centre has partnered with artists to create exciting activities and programs for our littlest art lovers. Explore the website to play fun games, learn how to draw, create your own comics and much more! 



The Australian War Memorial Galleries and Exhibitions are temporarily closed, but they are still sharing incredible stories about our nation’s servicemen and women. Visit the #MusuemAtHome website to learn more about Australia’s experience of war and see the online exhibitions. 


San Diego Zoo Kids 

Teleport to San Diego! The famous zoo has set up a website dedicated to fun children’s learning.  Watch live videos of animal enclosures, play online adventures or download animal crafts to complete at home. 

Visit Uluru 

Explore the sights, sounds and stories of Uluru from home on the Parks Australia website. Discover key sites, hear the desert birdsong and listen to traditional owners sharing important cultural knowledge and stories. 


Cosmic Kids 

Jaime from Cosmic Kids is a (virtual!) regular in our learning rooms - leading yoga, stretching and relaxation sessions for children. Her YouTube channel hosts hundreds of follow-along videos, with great stories to match.  


Rocket into Outer Space with NASA 

Visit the NASA Kids Club for live updates from space stations, out-of-this-world games and missions. Learn about the solar system and test your driving skills by Roving on Mars! 


25 Jun 2020

The importance of school readiness education post-COVID19

Australia has experienced unprecedented disruptions to everyday life as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, not least of which has been the disruption to children’s education. So, is early education and school readiness more or less important now?
11 Apr 2020

How to create a positive child friendly play space in your home

As you consider how to support your child’s education at home it is also important to give some thought to how you can set up your home to create an inviting child-friendly play space.
8 Apr 2020

What is 'crossing the midline'?

Crossing the mid-line is an essential physical milestone for children and one that demonstrates normal development. Providing opportunities for this skill to develop is essential.